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Engineering Innovation

Swagelok Engineering

Developing Innovative Products and Services

Throughout Swagelok’s history, our engineering teams have developed high-quality products, processes, and services designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Over the last several years, we’ve worked to deepen our understanding of our customers’ needs and develop innovative solutions to meet them each step of the way. In addition to gathering regular feedback from our Analytical Instrumentation Customer Advisory Board, we have expanded our innovation, technology, and field engineering teams, are leveraging new ways of connecting with customers, and have further incorporated innovation into our daily operations.

As part of our innovation initiative, we invested in an in-house makerspace where associates can collaborate with peers from around the organization to create new ideas, quickly take new ideas to concept, and physically produce prototypes. We also invested in an online crowdsourcing tool – we call it ideaspace – to boost our ability to collaborate across the global organization and speed the identification of viable solutions to significant business challenges.

Customer-Focused Solutions

Our grab sampling solution, developed after years of experience in helping customers troubleshoot existing assemblies, allows chemical plants and refineries to confidently configure and order local assemblies that address their pressing needs.

We also developed a quick qualification or “Quick Qual” process specifically for OEMs in the semiconductor industry that needed customized products in a short period of time. Multiple Swagelok teams work in parallel to design, test, and manufacture a prototype product in two to four weeks instead of the traditional eight to 10 weeks. In the semiconductor industry, speed to market is essential to success, and we are helping customers get there faster.

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