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Swagelok Supply Chain

Suppliers We Can Count On

So many times in business it comes down to a date. Swagelok is able to hit this date time and again due to the quality of our supply base and inventory programs.

We look long and hard to find our suppliers and apply enormous amounts of scrutiny in evaluating them. We’re looking not just at the product and quality systems, but also their values and quality of leadership.

With so much riding on our suppliers, we ask them to take extraordinary measures – in some cases, to keep their proprietary information in escrow – in others, to keep extra inventory on hand.

We take further precautions ourselves. For example, we keep significant amounts of raw materials on hand in case our supplier’s own supply chains are interrupted. And we build in redundancies with multiple suppliers for the same product.

We must do everything we can to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods and services. That’s our promise to customers.

Learn Why Raw Material Quality and Handling Matters

Go behind the scenes at Swagelok’s corporate raw materials facility to see where Swagelok fluid system product quality begins.

Supply Chain Practices