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Our Founder

fred lennonA Fitting Legacy

Swagelok Company is proud to celebrate over 75 years in business! We continue to grow and thrive by matching the speed of our customers and the pace of change in the world—without losing sight of our legacy of success.

With a $500 loan from his wife’s uncle, Fred A. Lennon founded our company in July of 1947. Reaching this remarkable milestone is a testament to his vision: a values-based culture; ongoing investments in our workforce and infrastructure; an evolving and innovative sales and service model that sets us apart in the industry; and a commitment to customers who count on us for high-quality products, services, and solutions.

Swagelok Company in the 1940s 



Fred A. Lennon meets Cullen B. Crawford. The revolutionary Swagelok® tube fitting, a two-ferrule compression type fitting, is developed.


Crawford and Lennon form Crawford Fitting Company. The following year, Lennon purchases the entire business and the patent for the Swagelok tube fitting from Crawford.


Lennon establishes a network of independent sales and service centers (SSCs), exclusive distributors of Swagelok products. The first SSC is R.S. Crum, established to serve the northeastern United States.

Swagelok Company in the 1950s



The first Crawford Fitting plant in Cleveland is the company’s home from 1950 to 1965.


The Swagelok product line expands with the creation of small, strategically focused companies that produced Cajon® pipe fittings and Nupro® needle valves, as well as the acquisition of Kenmore Research and Whitey Research & Tool, among others.


Swagelok establishes a network of regional warehouses to provide sales and service centers with readily available products.

Swagelok Company in the 1960s



The company outgrows its Cleveland facility and, in 1964, breaks ground for a new home in Solon, a suburb of Cleveland.


Swagelok establishes 'Sno-Trik, a company dedicated to manufacturing high-pressure valves and fittings.


Swagelok products are distributed in Europe and the company’s first European regional warehouse is established, serving customers in The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.


Astronaut Russell L. “Rusty” Schweikart steps out of the Apollo IX lunar module orbiting 119 miles (192 km) above the Earth, wearing a breathing pack that contains Swagelok valves and fittings.

Swagelok Company in the 1970s



Swagelok products continue to be the standard for the most critical applications including Alvin, the world’s most advanced submersible that was capable of operating at depths in excess of 6,000 ft (1830 m).


Swagelok products are distributed in Asia and the company’s first warehouse in the region is established in Japan.


Viking I lands on Mars and collects soil samples using Swagelok fittings.

Swagelok Company in the 1980s



Swagelok unifies its separate brands as “the Swagelok Companies,” the first step to consolidating them under the Swagelok name.


Distribution reaches Finland, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Swagelok Company in the 1990s



After years of growing through the development of advanced products, Swagelok focuses its identity on a single logo and brand name.


Distribution reaches customers in Chile, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, China, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.


Swagelok founder Fred A. Lennon passes away at age 92 in 1998. The company establishes the Swagelok Foundation, and his family establishes the Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust—both continue Lennon’s support of charitable, nonprofit, and civic organizations.

Swagelok Company in the 2000s



Swagelok announces technology centers in China, India, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States. Eventually, a technology center is established in Brazil.


Swagelok acquires Kenmac, Ltd., adding pressure regulators and a broad range of piping control products to its offerings. Renamed Swagelok Limited, the company continues to expand as one of the top employers on the Isle of Man.


Construction begins on a 360,000-square-foot (33,500m2) order fulfillment center adjacent to the main Swagelok facility in Solon, Ohio. The building is completely occupied by 2006.


Throughout the decade, Swagelok continues to innovate with the launch of new products that support the evolving semiconductor, oil, gas, and alternative fuels industries.


A Volkswagen Caddy fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) circumnavigates the globe. Its fuel system relies on Swagelok valves, hose, and tubing to demonstrate the possibilities of fuels other than gasoline for transportation.


Swagelok opens a facility in Changshu, China, manufacturing only components while strategically expanding Swagelok’s capacity and access to talent.


Swagelok introduces field engineers to bring the company’s expertise and solutions directly to customers. Today, there are more than 100 field engineers.

Swagelok Company in the 2010s



Swagelok continues its outreach in the community—partnering in the 2014 launch of Right Skills Now, an innovative program designed to meet the growing demand for manufacturing workers, and completing the organization’s first Habitat for Humanity house in Cleveland in 2016.


Swagelok ranks #49 on Forbes’ list of best midsize employers.


Swagelok opens an in-house makerspace encouraging associates to bring their creativity to the workplace, collaborate with peers, quickly take new ideas to concept, and produce rapid prototypes.


Swagelok expands capacity in Highland Heights, Ohio, and Changshu, China, facilities to support continued sales growth.

Swagelok Company in the 2020s



Thomas F. Lozick is the third generation of leaders from Swagelok’s founding family. Grounded in the values established by his father and grandfather, Lozick is committed to strengthening the company’s customer-centric approach as Chairman and CEO.


Swagelok’s 124,000-square-foot Global Headquarters and Innovation Center is completed, creating a state-of-the-art, fully connected main campus that includes the Solon Main Plant and the Order Fulfillment Center.