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Steam System Audit Services

Swagelok steam system audit services

Undergo a Steam System Audit. Reduce Energy Loss.

Find out where your plant is losing energy with thorough Swagelok® steam system services. By harnessing state-of-the-art techniques and relying on years of steam and condensate systems industry expertise, a steam system specialist will help you conduct a detailed assessment of your plant’s steam systems and components, document and tag areas needing attention, and share best practices for repairing and maintaining your facility’s systems.

As a result of undergoing a steam system audit, organizations commonly experience:

  • Higher product quality
  • Less production downtime
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower maintenance expenses
  • Improved worker safety
  • System performance in line with design specifications
  • Bottom-line increases in productivity, with lower operating costs

Today’s competitive marketplace demands that steam and condensate systems perform in line with world-class standards. Work with Swagelok field engineers to start performing accordingly and saving money in the process.


Case Study: Refinery Drastically Reduced Steam Loss, Maintenance, and Component Spend


Petroleum refinery 


“How do we conduct steam tracing processes safely and effectively, while staying on budget?”  Steam tracing of process piping carried out as part of plant winterization efforts was consuming a considerable amount of time and money, yet it yielded mediocre results and created safety and process issues in portions of the plant.


A winterization plan that was safer, more reliable, and less resource-intensive. They also needed data to justify the new plan.


  • Swagelok field engineers conducted an evaluation of the steam tracing system and winterization efforts
  • The energy coordinator was provided with a detailed report outlining how to achieve his goals, as well as a plan for eliminating costly steam losses and related risks


  • The report identified $700,000 in steam loss per year
  • The evaluation also identified more than $500,000 of recurring annual component spend that could be avoided through system improvements
  • Implementation of the plan saved an estimated 100 hours of maintenance time per year, while improving safety and process reliability

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