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Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Manufacturers, processors, and companies that design, build, and maintain a wide array of industrial machinery and equipment need fluid system products, training, and service options to help achieve a safe, efficient, and reliable operation.

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Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Solutions for Everything That Moves Your Business

Industrial Machinery and EquipmentWe help companies achieve proper fluid supply, lubrication, and cooling for industrial machines and equipment found everywhere. Whether you build hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, provide machinery to other markets, directly support industrial equipment manufacturers, or maintain machines in your plant or facility, Swagelok products, training, and services can make the difference between leak-tight performance and leaking profits due to material waste and process inefficiency.

We know what is needed to take the pressure off plant managers, QA engineers, and others who manufacture, maintain, or operate industrial machines and equipment. That includes:

  • More knowledge about effective solutions for minimizing harsh vibration and mechanical stresses in critical fluid systems
  • More standard and custom product options so that production lines do not come to a halt and service stays on schedule
  • More safety and dependability designed into all types of applications that require a specialist’s touch

We can help you design, build, install, and optimize everything that moves your business forward. With 200-plus authorized Swagelok sales and service center (SSC) locations worldwide, professional assistance is always easy to find.


Industrial Machinery and Equipment Applications

With a broad scope of fluid system products and an extensive knowledge of industrial machine design, we can support all types of connection and joining needs including for:

  • Automation and assembly equipment
  • Bending machines
  • Compressors and test devices
  • Electromechanical challenges
  • Fuel cell applications
  • Heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Injection molding machines
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Presses and pumps
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Rolling mills
  • Thermal and heat exchange devices
  • Various accessory equipment

Products for Industrial Machinery and Equipment

All fluid system products from Swagelok are intended to enable the highest level of application, process, and instrumentation integrity throughout your plant, in your service facility, or from the machines that you build. Backed by our transferrable Limited Lifetime Warranty that follows your equipment, each component is the result of more than 75 years of engineering excellence. Solutions designed to keep industrial machines in motion while keeping people safe include:



Swagelok® tube fittings create strong, reliable connections that stand up to the rigors of high-risk, high-vibration environments. Our complete portfolio includes pipe fittings, weld fittings, PFA fittings, vacuum fittings, and more that are easy to install, disassemble, and reassemble in a variety of situations. Build connections you can trust with fittings available in a wide range of alloy materials.



Customers wanting greater reliability and reduced maintenance cost can find both with our one-piece instrumentation (40 series) and three-piece process/instrumentation (60 series) ball valves, including GB series valves that bring simplified installation to high-flow applications. We also offer integral-bonnet needle valves, check valves, metering valves, relief valves, bellows-sealed valves and plug valves for delivering reliable shut-off performance in all types of industrial equipment—ask your local Swagelok sales and service center about a broad scope of valve actuation options as well as relief- and check-valve setting adjustments.

Sanitary hose for the life science industry

Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Find hoses for practically all pressure and temperature requirements. We offer rubber hose and thermoplastic hose as well as metal core hose that is rated to 1000°F, while PTFE core hose and PFA core hose from Swagelok give you more chemically resistant options for low-pressure applications. Also find PFA and vinyl flexible tubing for applications where transparency is also needed to monitor system flow. Our SSCs are ready to assist you with crimping and other hose assembly and management services.

Small bore tubing system

Tubing and Tubing Accessories

Get reliable tubing and small-bore tubing with the material properties needed for your industrial machinery. We are a full solution provider with stainless steel, 304/304L welded, cone and thread, medium- and high-pressure, jacketed and insulated, electric- and steam-traced, as well as high- and ultrahigh-purity tubing options. Also, you can build your system to last with tubing accessories that help you cut, bend, deburr, and support tubing so it provides leak-tight performance.



Choose regulators for different industrial fluid system requirements from one source. We can provide pressure-reducing (spring-loaded or dome-loaded), back-pressure (spring-loaded and dome-loaded), or specialty regulators tailored to your machines and equipment including materials of construction, pressure and temperature ratings, options, and accessories. Also ask our specialists about vaporizing models and solutions for gas cylinder changeover.

Swagelok pressure gauge

Pressure Gauges

Swagelok® pressure gauges provide accurate and dependable measurement for industrial manufacturing and process applications. Many range, dial size, connection, and mounting options are available. PGI series pressure gauges can be ordered unfilled or liquid filled while PBG series gauges are designed for panel builders. Other measurement devices include pressure transducers, flow sensors, and thermometers.

Swagelok quick connects

Quick Connects

We offer a variety of quick-connect fittings that enable fast, simple operation without twisting, turning, or wrenching. These fittings are engineered to minimize spillage and air inclusion so you can make connections with confidence. Our complete line includes full-flow, instrumentation, miniature, and PTFE-sealed options.

welding system

Orbital Welding System

For projects requiring a consistent and efficient approach to welding, the Swagelok® M200 orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touchscreen operation. It provides cost-effective, reliable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe.

Engineering Services for Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Industrial fluid systems demand skilled, experienced, dedicated specialists who are concerned with maximizing performance and minimizing process waste and inefficiency. Working in tandem with our field engineers helps you diagnose any issue, maintain high-precision machine operations, and can provide a faster return to service for industrial equipment. Tap into more Swagelok® engineering services to create predictable outcomes, including:

Design and Assembly Services

Design and Assembly

We can fabricate your fluid system assemblies for you. From assemblies consisting of a few components to complete panels and enclosures, all feature Swagelok products. We can also incorporate wiring, automation, transmitters, relays, pumps, and more using 3D CAD modeling capabilities to optimize your design. Whatever your parameters, you will receive only the highest-quality assemblies with testing, inspection, and packaging included. Also, source custom hose assemblies including Teflon, PFA, thermoplastic, and rubber hose from one supplier.

Swagelok CAD Files

CAD Services

Quickly access our complete CAD library containing more than one million templates and sales drawings in a variety of 2D or 3D multilingual formats. In today's fast-paced economy, speed, accuracy, and flexibility can result in a win versus a lost opportunity. Leveraging 3D CAD modeling provides you with precision and control, minimizes errors and rework, increases efficiency, and leaves you more time to focus on the total design process.

Fluid System Training


Our certified trainers can equip your team with the knowledge to meet routine challenges with clarity and confidence. In-depth, hands-on courses are taught by veteran instructors recognized for their exceptional skills. Learn hose, valve, and regulator selection and troubleshooting, fitting assembly, and orbital welding principles, as well as how to choose the right corrosion-resistant materials, multiple methods of tube bending, and how to properly design, operate, and maintain a sampling system.

Evaluation and Advisory Services

Onsite Services

Our field engineers can evaluate your fluid or sampling systems, advise on installation practices, and recommend system enhancements via detailed reports. Improving the performance, productivity, reliability, and safety of your fluid systems also reduces costs and environmental risks. Learn more about optimizing fluid systems, improving sampling system reliability, identifying gas leaks, improving hose life, and finding out where your plant is losing energy and how it can become more efficient.

Gas distribution services for the life science industry

Gas Distribution Program

Your engineers can spend a lot of time on the specification and procurement of new gas distribution systems, but they do not have to. We can design and assemble modular subsystems and deliver fully tested panels. All solutions are highly customizable with many available modifications to meet your requirements. Add efficiency to your operations when gas delivery systems are easy to use and maintain.

Swagelok global construction

Global Construction

Managing capital projects is made harder when owners and contractors are separated by continents. You need a collaborator with the global reach, breadth of capabilities, and application expertise to keep up. We can support you anywhere in the world no matter how complex your project becomes. You get a dedicated services team and the connectivity and visibility created by our 200-plus global sales and service centers. Together, we will help you navigate regulations and approvals to complete your project on time.

How We Support Industrial Machinery

Local specialists for the industrial machinery industry

A Local Presence 

The value of speaking to a local specialist from an authorized Swagelok sales and service center, who can give you great advice to help optimize the performance of your fluid systems is not easily measured. Saving time, frustration, and rework for builders and operators of industrial machines and equipment is part of our dedication to solving challenges efficiently as opposed to simply selling products. True fluid system expertise is hard to find. We can support your business with feet on the ground, including through:

  • Prototype construction and product development services, as well as series production of assemblies as subcontracted components
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) options for fast and accurate organizing, labeling, and reordering including carefully managed onsite consignment cabinets
  • Rush deliveries and just-in-time (JIT) parts inventory to solve other stocking challenges
  • Fluid system equipment rental and loaner programs for specialized jobs
  • All the regulatory and compliance certifications your project requires, where and when you need them

Solutions provider in the industrial machinery market

A Solutions Provider

We can help you handle the various pressures that negatively impact your productivity and profitability. We know the many harmful effects of vibration on industrial equipment, or how it is not easy to install and maintain components due to limited space on a skid-mounted device. Difficulties resulting from price, availability, and a lack of resources lead to higher cost of ownership for fluid systems. With a superior product quality standard, comprehensive design and assembly services, the custom solutions you need, and the experience-derived advice that only a professional can offer, we engineer more ways to keep your business in motion including:

  • With onsite field engineering—we excel at helping companies improve fluid system performance and reliability for frequently actuated machines and equipment
  • With convenient access to product technical literature that helps you quickly and easily find the Swagelok solution for your application
  • With products for machine shops that support industrial equipment manufacturers, including weld fittings, weld adapters, and adapters for SAE/MS and ISO/BSP metric fittings
  • With design and integration assistance for systems and modules, gas distribution panels and subsystems, pre-swaged tube fitting connections over 1 inch, and much more

Safety in the industrial machines and equipment industry

A Safety Contributor

There are many potential risks with industrial machines and equipment that a fluid system specialist can help you avoid. Such systems often transport high-pressure and high-temperature fluids and gases that can increase health, safety, and environmental concerns if something goes awry. Where failure is not an option, we can help your engineers and technicians implement a variety of strategies to preserve the safety of your fluid systems, particularly during the planning and design stages. For example:

  • Alignment and space limitation issues are common in industrial machines and can be simplified by our vast tube adapter offering. We can help you avoid misalignments using positionable fittings or create more reliable sealed connections using tube adapters.
  • If the fluid system application is decisive within the machine design, time can be saved by supplying subassemblies from an authorized Swagelok sales and service center that knows how to engineer a safe work result for your facility
  • Our focus is on the function of your machines and providing components and assemblies that are suitable for high temperatures, which also withstand high pressures, and that can be relied upon—our dedication to fluid system design, maintenance, and operator training helps to deliver an all-around safer operation for your employees


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Valve Flow Coefficient Calculator

Tool: Regulator Flow Curve Generator

Easily calculate a unique flow curve based on a set of user-specified application parameters for Swagelok® RHPS series regulators. You can view the performance of one regulator in up to four different applications or compare the performance of up to four different regulators.

Video: How to Use a Bench Top Tube Bender

Video: How to Use a Bench Top Tube Bender

In this step-by-step video, learn how to use the Swagelok® bench top tube bender to produce accurate, repeatable, high-quality bends in tubing made from most materials. This process works for small diameter tubing with thin walls to larger diameter, heavy-wall tubing.

Discover the three-step process for manually assembling tube fittings that are 1 in. and smaller.

Video: How to Assemble Tube Fittings (1 Inch and Smaller)

Discover the proper steps for manually assembling and installing tube fittings that are 1 inch and smaller. To complete this task, you will need two open-end wrenches, a Swagelok®️ gap inspection gauge, a tube cutter or hacksaw, a file or Swagelok®️ deburring tool, and a marker.

Video: Using a Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit

Video: Using a Multihead Hydraulic Swaging Unit

The Swagelok® multihead hydraulic swaging unit (MHSU) is used to pre-swage a set of ferrules to specific tubing sizes. Watch this video to simplify installation in tight spaces or to expedite installation when large numbers of Swagelok® tube fittings will be used.

Onsite visits are crucial to understanding your power plant’s unique challenges, environments, and objectives.

Video: Onsite (and Online) Services

Swagelok® onsite services bring our industry knowledge to you. But what if it isn’t possible to get a full team onsite to perform an evaluation? Using a headset that connects to a virtual meeting, you can access our global network of engineers to help solve your problems.