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Your resource for practical advice to achieve more with your fluid systems.

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Swagelok Fluid System Blog

Swagelok Reference Point provides industrial professionals with insights and analysis intended to help decrease downtime, increase efficiencies, troubleshoot issues, and maintain a safe workplace staffed by effective associates. Browse our latest blog posts below to learn how you might more easily accomplish your fluid system-related goals.

Featured Blog Posts

Close-up image of the semiconductor wafer fabrication process

Improve Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing Yield With Proper Thermal Control

Semiconductor wafer manufacturing requires precise process and temperature control. Learn how optimizing thermal controls throughout the semiconductor tool ecosystem can lead to less downtime, higher yields, and increased production efficiency.

Graphic image comparing pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion in stainless steel

Pitting Corrosion vs. Crevice Corrosion: What’s the Difference?

Stainless steel corrosion is a major challenge for oil and gas operators everywhere, but it can be prevented. Learn how to identify the differences between pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion.

Industrial Trends Affecting Fluid System Operators

Current Global Trends Impacting Industries

Learn more about trends affecting fluid systems operators and get advice from our team for responding to the trends to minimize the impact to your business.

H2 Hydrogen sign outside a production facility

Hydrogen: A Truly Sustainable Alternative Fuel

Have questions about the sustainability profile of hydrogen fuel? We have answers—learn more about hydrogen production and the fuel’s potential as a viable, sustainable power source.

Man refueling a heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell truck

Why Hydrogen Is a Cost-Effective Fuel

Is hydrogen too expensive for mass adoption as an alternative fuel? The answer is simple: No. Learn why hydrogen fuel prices continue to fall, making it a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

A hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty truck

Have Hydrogen Vehicle Range Anxiety? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t.

Do hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have what it takes to travel comparable ranges to gasoline or diesel vehicles? We have the facts. Learn why hydrogen is a viable fuel for longer-range travel.

A liquid grab sampling panel

Improve Safety and Efficiency in Liquid Grab Sampling

Learn about safe and effective liquid grab sampling techniques, as well as ideal design characteristics to seek out when selecting and specifying your systems and panels.

Hydrogen vehicle at a refueling station

Is Hydrogen a Safe Fuel Source?

Hydrogen has the potential to be a revolutionary clean energy source, but some common myths abound about the fuel’s safety. Get the facts about hydrogen as we explore why it’s a safer fuel source than conventional options.

Swagelok hydrogen embrittlement materials selection

FAQs: How to Avoid Hydrogen Embrittlement

Selecting the right materials for hydrogen-handling applications is critical to the long-term viability of hydrogen as a fuel source. Learn how to select the right materials and prevent hydrogen embrittlement.

Industrial valve selection

How to Select Valves for Industrial Fluid Systems

Learn how to apply the practical STAMPED method to select the valves most suited to your industrial fluid or sampling system design applications.

how to choose a regulator

How to Choose a Regulator

Learn the differences between common types of pressure regulators for industrial fluid and analytical systems, as well as how to choose a regulator most appropriate for your system needs.

Why You Should Not Intermix Tube Fittings

Why Tube Fitting Intermix Can Be Problematic

Learn why intermixing or interchanging tube fitting components from different manufacturers can lead to poor fluid system performance.

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