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Swagelok Reference Point

Your resource for practical advice to achieve more with your fluid systems.

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Swagelok Fluid System Blog

Swagelok Reference Point provides industrial professionals with insights and analysis intended to help decrease downtime, increase efficiencies, troubleshoot issues, and maintain a safe workplace staffed by effective associates. Browse our latest blog posts below to learn how you might more easily accomplish your fluid system-related goals.

Featured Blog Posts

Industrial valve selection

How to Select Valves for Industrial Fluid Systems

Learn how to apply the practical STAMPED method to select the valves most suited to your industrial fluid or sampling system design applications.

Swagelok high-viscosity sampling

How to Safely Sample High-Viscosity Fluids in Refineries

Bitumen sampling poses some inherent challenges not found in other sampling applications. Learn some of the considerations that should be made when sampling bitumen or other high-viscosity fluids and liquids.

Your Top Five Questions of 2022

Find answers to some of the most common questions we received throughout 2022, reflected in the most popular Swagelok Reference Point posts of the year. We cover droop in flow curves, industrial hose best practices, and more.

Tube fitting installation training

How to Install Tube Fittings

Learn how to install tube fittings using the proper fitting installation techniques in order to improve facility safety, reliability, and profitability.

how to choose a regulator

How to Choose a Regulator

Learn the differences between common types of pressure regulators for industrial fluid and analytical systems, as well as how to choose a regulator most appropriate for your system needs.

Why You Should Not Intermix Tube Fittings

Why Tube Fitting Intermix Can Be Problematic

Learn why intermixing or interchanging tube fitting components from different manufacturers can lead to poor fluid system performance.

Fluid system filter in operation

Why Fluid System Filters Are Critical for Reliable Operations

Learn about the basics of fluid system filters and gas and liquid filtration as well as how you can apply them to your systems to protect critical components and optimal outcomes.

Hydrogen mobility: everything you need to know

Safe, Reliable Hydrogen Handling: Find Out What It Takes

Hydrogen mobility requires the highest-quality components to meet the technology’s full potential. Here’s what you need to know to develop safe, reliable, and long-term hydrogen transportation solutions.

How oil and gas training can minimize risk

How Training Can Minimize Risk on Oil and Gas Platforms

Proper training on critical fluid system activities is important on oil and gas platforms. Learn how the right training can help prevent accidents.

Multiple types of tube fittings

Key Differences in Small-Bore Fittings

Learn the key differences between commonly available tube fitting types used in a variety of applications in this handy introduction to small-bore fittings.


Common Causes and Costs of Fluid System Leaks

The smallest leak can present a serious issue when maintaining your plant’s safety and profitability. Understand how and why leaks occur, how to locate and test for them, and ultimately how to develop a strategy to address and reduce leaks plant-wide.

Swagelok valves installed in an application

Your Guide to Valve Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Valves are critical to safe and reliable fluid system operation. Learn to maintain and troubleshoot valves in this guide.

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